Why Vitamin

It’s time for women to confidently own their financial future. To fully claim their power. To grow their wealth. To save and to invest.

Why now

Finance has been a man’s world for long enough. And common misconceptions around money have held women back for nearly as long. It is time to leave all that behind, and to build a world of finance that works for everyone.

There’s much to do. Today, women are making more money, building stronger careers, and becoming more engaged in finance than ever. But the financial system hasn’t caught up with them yet. Today only 13% of German women own stocks. That’s a start, but it means 87% of women aren’t yet actively growing their money. We’re for them.

Can you imagine a world where 100% of women confidently invest in the futures and lives they want? We’re building Vitamin to make this world a reality by making finance finally accessible to women. In a world that is just starting to recognise women’s full power, we’re taking a stand. Vitamin is the app for strong financial futures, for all women.

Why for women

Blown up with fancy terms, bogged down by indecipherable rules, finance has become a maze of jargon blind to how women’s financial journeys are uniquely different. Longer lifespans, the choice of parenthood, wage and pension discrepancies all mean that women need to approach their financial lives a little differently. How they get started, learn, and engage with finance is unique. And we don’t think that’s simply fixed by painting the whole thing pink. It’s about understanding what women want and need at every point in their lives. It’s about helping them start taking action in everyday, achievable ways that fit with their goals and priorities.

To start investing in your future you don’t have to start out a pro. So we make the first step easy for everyone because once you get started, you will see the impact. And with each step after that you will build a strong financial future one step at a time.

While Vitamin was inspired by and designed for women, our doors are open to everyone. Whether you identify as a woman or not, we welcome you to join us.

Why gender-neutral finance doesn’t work for women

Through women’s eyes, finance today looks like this:

  • Financial institutions spend 13 times less on reaching women than on reaching men
  • 45% of women say they don’t have a financial role model
  • 53% of women say they don’t know how to achieve their financial goals
  • 59% of women say they don’t do a good job using investing to achieve their financials goals. Of these women 60% blame lack of knowledge and 34% blame lack of confidence
  • In 2019, 63% of women in Germany received a monthly pension of €900 per month or less, compared to 29% of men

These circumstances create an investing gap that together with a barely narrowing wage gap and potential career breaks will cost a woman a lot of money in her lifetime. Now, imagine if every woman had extra funds to build a life they want…

The world must be a more equitable place for women and much is still to be done. But together we have the power to start strengthening women’s financial futures today. Start investing for the long-term. It doesn’t matter how much you invest, or when. Simply starting with what feels comfortable today is the foundation for a strong financial future tomorrow.