What is Vitamin

Who is Vitamin

Vitamin was born in the fall of 2020 in Berlin when our founders, Andrea and Artyom, decided to combine years of financial and startup expertise. What brought them together is their shared dedication to Vitamin’s mission: shift mindsets, lead conversations, and guide every woman to take confident financial action.

The rest is history in the making. We’re now a growing team of passionate and diverse people, united to build strong financial futures for all women. Our incredible team has previously worked at companies like Clue, Soundcloud, Flaconi, Miles Mobility, Blackrock, Allianz Global Investors, and many others. Want to join us? This way please.

Join Vitamin

We know, taking the first steps into finance can be daunting. We’ve been there. And the journey will at times be bumpy. We will see these as opportunities to grow together. With Vitamin at your side, we will always take the right next step.

Finally, be the change you want to see in the world. Today talk to just one woman who is dear to you about money, and you will see how together we can start building a strong financial future for everyone.

We are always here for you at andrea@archive.joinvitamin.com and artyom@archive.joinvitamin.com.


Andrea, Artyom & Team Vitamin