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1. You and your money

Why it's worth it to start investing money as soon as possible - and how it can be done very easily. The beginner course for prospective investors.

Day 1 : Your money mindset – and how you can change it
Day 2 : Your income – what your work is worth and how you can increase your income
Day 3 : Your financial planning – how you can take control over your money

2. The investor’s money mindset : Feeling good about money in seven days

Because money should be fun! This course takes you step-by-step toward a new, positive outlook on money.

Day 1 : The money mindset and why it’s so important
Day 2 : Why you do what you do: four exercises on your money mindset of the past and the present
Day 3 : Money and feelings, Part 1

3. The investment crash course: All the basics for getting started as an investor

Terms, concepts, and investment opportunities made simple: the basics of investing. So you can hit the ground running.

Day 1: The right money mindset for investors
Day 2: Investing, risk & return – the connection
Day 3: Even more financial terminology, Part 1
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4. The top 30 Money Secrets every woman should know

The best pro tips on investing. In this 30-day course, Vitamin founder, Andrea Fernandez, shares one money secret per day. Tried and tested, and easy to understand!

Day 1: Changing your mindset is hard work – do it every day and with intention
Day 2: Close your wealth gap
Day 3: Negotiate your salary – and do it boldly!
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5. Retirement…done right

A sigh of relief with investing: your course on retirement provisions. Thinking about retirement already? You definitely should! Here you can approach the topic in a relaxed manner and learn how you can easily take your retirement into your own hands.

Day 1: Why it’s so important for you to have financial retirement provisions
Day 2: How government pension insurance works – The young pay for the retirement of the elderly
Day 3: Corporate retirement plans – additional retirement through your employer
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6. I've inherited money…now what?

Have you received an inheritance, or do you expect to in the near future? Then this week-long course will give you important foundational knowledge on how to manage your money and go about solid financial planning.

Day 1: What exactly is an inheritance?
Day 2: Create a balance sheet and determine your net worth
Day 3: Why solid financial planning is still important
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