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Silence is golden. Real talk is money.

Money means different things to different people. It’s a sensitive topic tied to personal expectations, experiences, and emotions that many find difficult to talk about openly. However, the thing that can bring you more clarity (and more money!) is precisely an honest conversation about it. 

Meet Money Therapy – a collection of questions and conversation starters to set you and your companions off on a successful journey to financial confidence and freedom.

Let’s start talking.

Reflection Cards will help you discover where your beliefs about money come from, what myths you have bought into so far, and how you can safely unlearn them. Action Cards will help you manifest and put all you’ve learnt into practice. Some questions will be easy to answer, and some might make you feel uncomfortable at first. But if you trust the process and answer each question getting curious about where your answer might be coming from, we are pretty sure you’ll discover new, exciting, and unexpected insights.

Money Therapy For Financial Confidence.

You can explore Money Therapy on your own, in your head or with a pen and notebook, or you could invite other women in your life to play and learn with you. After all, we believe that more open and inspiring conversations about money lead to more women finding their financial confidence.

Let’s start a movement!

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