Lesson 1: Money mindset & money management

How you can improve your relationship with money and bring structure to your finances

What do you think about money? Your outlook on money really is significant. It can downright sabotage you on your way to your financial goals, or it can be a turbo boost to help you get what you want faster. To ensure that the latter is the case, we have prepared tips and tricks for you in the coming chapters.

Organization is half the battle, right? At least when it comes to finances, it is. Having everything under control is a comforting feeling. Our tools help you to structure your finances in a way that makes sense and to examine your status quo. Because gaining an overview is the first important step on your way to wealth accumulation.

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Downloads for lesson 1

Wealthness Wallpaper
Master class glossary
Money Therapy
Vision Board
Goal Sheet
Salary negotiation checklist
Budget Tracker