1. You and your money

Why it’s worth it to start investing money as soon as possible – and how it can be done very easily. The beginner course for prospective investors.

Day 1 : Your money mindset – and how you can change it

The money mindset – your attitude toward and outlook on money – describes how you feel and act when it…

Goal: Get to know your money mindset and understand how you can influence it.
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Day 2 : Your income – what your work is worth and how you can increase your income

Your income determines how much you can invest. And what you invest has an enormous impact on your future wealth…

Goal: Get to understand your money mindset better and learn how not to sell yourself short.
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Day 3 : Your financial planning – how you can take control over your money

Part of having a good money mindset is that you enjoy managing your finances. Or as a first step, that…

Goal: Manage and plan your finances wisely.
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Day 4 : Peace with the piggy bank – really relaxing about your savings and emergency plans

Putting money away regularly is a crucial part of good money management. It’s essential to meeting your financial goals, which…

Goal: Make saving totally simple.
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Day 5 : The basics of investing – Part 1

Financial planning and saving are important. So far, so good! But now comes the next step – one that is…

Goal: Learn the basics and strengthen your money mindset as a future investor.  
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Day 6 : The basics of investing – Part 2

Cash Most people are comfortable with cash. Like a good friend, we like having it with us. Cash is physical…

Goal: Learn some more basics and investment opportunities.
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Day 7 : A week of you & your money – summary

Let’s take a look again at the start of the course. It began with your outlook on money and what…

Goal: Recap of the course material so you can get started.
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