Money secret No. 29: Automated saving and investing are the key to success

We’ve already talked about saving and about how important it is to spend money in accordance with your values and your budget. This is how you can save enough to build up first your nest egg and second your savings for other goals.

One of the most important ways to increase your savings is to invest. That’s why it’s so important to automate not only your saving, but also your investing. You can set up an investment account for this, which you’ll transfer savings into every month, and which will invest the money right into a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds.

If there’s one practical thing you can do for your future, it’s to find a provider you can transfer savings to every month to direct your money right into your investments. It’s an important step for building long-term wealth. It’s like going to the gym or brushing your teeth. All the things you do every day in order to have a better future…it works just the same way when it comes to your financial future. The sooner you establish habits that are also conducive to your financial health, the more happiness you’ll find later.

The most important thing is to start. And to do so as soon as possible. Overcome the fear of not knowing something or of losing money or of whatever else you’re afraid of. Start with as much as you can afford.

Money secret No. 29: Automated investments – one of the best ways you can do something positive for your financial future. And the time to do it is now. You don’t have to understand every little detail yet. Just start with as much money as you can.