Money secret No. 26: Find yourself a money mentor!

By now, you’ve learned quite a few money secrets and have probably learned a new thing or two along the way. We hope that you set out on your continued financial journey soon! But you don’t have to go it alone. Women everywhere unite when it comes to financial matters. It’s truly important for women to talk about money, to share and to learn something more themselves in showing or explaining something to others. We have witnessed that it can be very helpful to have a money mentor who helps you reach your financial goals. If there’s someone close to you that you can share with and ask questions to, the entire thing becomes a whole lot more motivating and a lot more fun! You can think of this person as a tour guide on your financial journey.

Just ask a friend you trust. Strike up a conversation about money and find out if the person is a good fit to be your tour guide in financial matters. If they are, it’s

beneficial to make a written commitment to support each other. Write your money mentor an email determining how often you’ll meet to talk about money together. Agree to monthly or quarterly meetings, for example, to report on your progress. When the two of you are ready, you can bring in other friends, who in turn can bring in other people. We want to get as many women as possible started in investing!

Money secret No. 26: Find a money mentor to be by your side. Passing on your money knowledge is an enormous gift to a friend!