2. The investor’s money mindset : Feeling good about money in seven days

Because money should be fun! This course takes you step-by-step toward a new, positive outlook on money.

Day 1 : The money mindset and why it’s so important

This course is all about the money mindset. This is the term we use to talk about your attitude toward…

Goal: Understand the money mindset.
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Day 2 : Why you do what you do: four exercises on your money mindset of the past and the present

Do you remember your first experiences with money? The first seven years of life are particularly formative, including when it…

Goal: Uncover something about your own financial past.
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Day 3 : Money and feelings, Part 1

A new money mindset begins with being conscious – conscious of your mindset as it is in this moment. Pay…

Goal: Gain an understanding of your own sentiments about money.
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Day 4 : Money and feelings, Part 2

In the first three parts of this course, you have reflected quite a bit on your past and your personal…

Goal: Understand emotions, feelings, and thoughts even better.
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Day 5 : Recognizing negative convictions and letting them go

Convictions are fixed beliefs about yourself and the world. They often stem from childhood, functioning as GPS coordinates of sorts,…

Goal: Start to change your mindset purposefully.
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Day 6 : Your money affirmations – what they are and why they’re so powerful

We’re getting crafty today! Only if you want to, of course. You can also just take notes or use slips…

Goal: Develop individual affirmations, transform negative convictions.
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Day 7 : One week of the money mindset

If you’ve chosen to take this course, you probably recognize a few familiar traits in the deficit money mindset. Are…

Goal: Course summary and future prospects.
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Money secret No. 24: What is ESG?

ESG investments grow quickly, and ESG ETFs are a good option if sustainable investing is important to you. Plus, research…

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