Day 6 : Your money affirmations – what they are and why they’re so powerful

We’re getting crafty today! Only if you want to, of course. You can also just take notes or use slips of paper and glue. Here’s how it works:

Develop your own money affirmations. One way to do this is to make something about the size of a postcard that you’ll physically take hold of on a daily basis or will put around the house in as many places as you like. The fridge, the bedroom or bathroom mirror, the shower door, or beside your bed are some examples. You can write them out by hand, print them, make them out of letters pasted together, or do whatever else that sounds fun to you.

Here are a few example suggestions of money affirmations:

  • The opportunities, people, and ideas I need to reach my financial goals are going to enter my life now.
  • Nothing has meaning outside of the meaning I ascribe to it!
  • I am excellent at receiving abundance and money!
  • My income only grows as I drive it to.
  • Money gives me the ability to live the life I desire – on my own terms.
  • I can support others and contribute to society with my money.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • The universe is aligned to support my financial goals.
  • Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
  • I distribute and spend my money in ways that align with my financial goals.
  • I am full of gratitude for what I have and what I will have.
  • I live a life of prosperity because I have clarity over my goals and dreams and the role money plays in my life.
  • I am open to receiving more every day.

Particularly powerful – transforming negative convictions

Write down three negative, limiting convictions that have slowed you down when dealing with money in the past. Now change each into an affirmation. Rework the formulation. For example, instead of “I’ve never been able to manage my money,” say this to yourself from now on: “I’m actively learning how to manage my money and I’m going to be really good at it!” By talking to yourself differently, you change your beliefs and feelings. It’s a powerful tool – try it out!

The next three steps

Write out three methods you’d be happy to jump on in the next two weeks to establish a better setting for saving and investing your money.

The very first step

Now, what’s the one thing you can start with immediately? Like right now, when you’ve finished reading?

You are the author of your financial story

Your money affirmations are a way to commit to memory what it is you want to work on and what needs to change. But it’s more important than that, because they support you in reinventing yourself when it comes to money. That’s the fascinating thing about it – you alone write your personal story…even the one about money. This becomes possible with your new money mindset. The affirmations help you to create and build your new relationship with money. They support you in turning your new story into reality…instantly. Because you alone have the strength and ability to do this.