Day 7: Let’s talk about it!

Now you have the fundamental knowledge, some important information, and an initial understanding of what inheritance is and what your first steps are when you receive an inheritance.


Acting purposefully – inheritance or not

What you should always keep in mind, inheritance or not, are good money management, a budget, and comprehensive financial planning. Once you have this foundation, investing is the next step to building your wealth over the course of time.


Now let’s talk about money

As mentioned at the beginning of the course, this is a topic that can be associated with sad news. However, you can take action before the sad news hits. For example, you could bring the issue up with your parents. If you’re not already in the know, this could give you some insight into your parents’ attitudes. This could be not only on the matters of money and a possible inheritance, but also incidentally on whether they have made a will and whether their financial affairs are in order. This can result in everyone involved having more clarity when the time comes.