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Our Discovery Mode shows you a simulation of your strategy. Under real-life conditions and with valuable tips.

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Starting to invest can be quite intimidating at first and seems like a huge step that you are never really quite ready for – we are very aware of that.

However, it can be quite rewarding when you see your own money working for you and your financial future!

With our Discovery Mode you are now able to experience this feeling – without having to jump straight into the deep end.

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Take our test to find out what type of investor you are and get a potential investment strategy from us – tailored to your needs and preferences.

You can then add, change, and compare other strategies – and easily find out what investing feels like.

And the best part is that our calculations are based on actual, real-time data. This means that over the next few days, and weeks, you can observe how your investments might perform depending on your different strategies.

Sounds fantastic? It is, we promise. Take our online test now and start your financial future!


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53% of women say they do not know how to achieve their financial goals.

We’re out to change this. We focus on women in a world that’s only starting to recognise their full power.