Cheers to love, money and the balance between the two

Valentine’s Day is known to be the day of love, whether it is romantic love, friendship, or self-love. But why should we limit ourselves only to romantic gestures? Why not

10-point checklist for your first investment in 2023

You want to get started with investing in 2023? Get ready for your first investment with this 10-point checklist! In our financial outlook for 2023, we already told you what we

Financial outlook for 2023: What you need to know

Vitamin founder and CEO Andrea Fernandez looks back on the year 2022 and explains which developments have influenced our finances. As an experienced financial expert, she also takes a look into

Generating passive income – ideas on how to make passive income

Earning money while lying on the beach, reading a book, or even just while you sleep – sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? The magic word that can make this

What exactly is…compounding?

When people talk about your money ” growing by itself” or “working for you”, they are indirectly talking about the compound interest or the compound interest effect. But what exactly

How to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The days are getting shorter and shorter, the supermarkets are bursting with gingerbread and advent calendars for as far as the eye can see, and our inboxes are overflowing with

Your emergency fund

Introduction Nest egg, piggy bank, stockpile…all names for that financial must-have even your grandma probably was probably familiar with. What makes it a must-have? Money troubles and the fear of

Not all funds are created equal

Introduction Money in a mutual fund is predominantly invested in stocks – that is, in shares with different companies (joint-stock companies). With mutual funds, you’re not investing your money in

What exactly is…an investment fund?

Introduction A pot of money! Imagine that several people pool their savings together and invest together, but in different securities. Why? Because it’s easier for several people to gather up

What exactly is…a bond?

Introduction A bond, as opposed to a stock, is not a piece of the company, but rather a certificate of indebtedness. If you buy a bond with a company or

What exactly is…a stock?

Introduction A stock is a security – a financial instrument – with which you buy a small piece of a company, which is called a joint-stock company. If you own

Financial freedom – today, tomorrow, and afterward?

Introduction What’s important to you in life? In your day-to-day, today and tomorrow, next month? How do you pass the time? What do you use your time for? Work, family,

Let’s talk about money

Introduction The best way to start off on our journey to financial autonomy and freedom is with this piece of insight: We’re not going it alone. Money is universal and

Inflation rises sharply

In May, the inflation rate was around 2.5%, as measured by the change in Consumer Price Index (CPI) going back to the same month in the previous year. Compared to

Money feelings and money mindset

What exactly is money? Printed pieces of paper, molded coins, and every way of charging to a credit card. Familiar to us all! The inherent value of money, though, is

What exactly is…inflation?

Introduction …a seemingly unwieldy term meaning that prices in an economy increase over time. Or to put it another way, inflation means that money loses purchasing power. Here’s an example

What exactly is…an ETF?

Introduction Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are funds traded on the stock market that very closely follow an index. We might say that they track the course of the index –

Setting financial goals

Goals get you to a goal – even when it comes to money and finances. They are indispensable to achieving financial freedom and therefore to being able to bring your

Claim your value

It’s that time of year: performance review season… which comes along with the opportunity to ask for a salary increase and potentially a bonus. It feels like this is the

7 tips for achieving your financial goals in 2021

2020 was unprecedented, at least in our lifetime. It taught us about the importance of having a financial plan and how financial stress can affect our overall health. It highlighted

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