We are Vitamin

We are creating a financial world that thinks of everyone.

Our mission is to change mindsets, have conversations and support every woman in building her financial confidence.

Why we are here for women

Gender pay gap, career breaks, part-time work, longer life expectancy – the threat of old-age poverty disproportionately affects women. That’s why it’s of utmost importance that every woman confidently takes her finances into her own hands.

The finance world is still a predominantly male domain. We are here to change that. Our goal is to understand what women might want and need in each stage of their lives and support them in managing their finances — in an uncomplicated way, adapting to their unique goals and priorities.

Our vision:

A strong financial future for all women

Meet our founders

Vitamin was launched in January 2021 in Berlin by Andrea Fernandez and Artyom Chelbayev.

Both Andrea and Artyom bring years of experience in startups and finance and a bold passion for our vision: a solid financial future for all women. Together with the team, they have since made it their mission to offer women the know-how and tools to determine their financial future.

The Vitamin team

Andrea Fernandez

CEO, Co-Founder

I love people & business. The more people thrive the more impact businesses can have!

Artyom Chelbayev

COO, Co-Founder

My passion is music. Playing it, making it, listening to it – love music in all shapes.

Max Kramer


Passionate about using tech-for-good to create a positive impact on the world!

Adeline Lee

Head of Product

My passion: food and travel.

Carmela Druce

Senior Product Designer

I love creating human-centered products with a great purpose.

Sarah Wilsoncook

Software Engineer

I love the nature and the view from the top of a mountain.

Luisa Sancelean

Head of Brand Marketing

I love to capture moments, that’s why you can always find me with a camera.

Luisa Sancelean

Content Marketing Lead

I love to capture moments, that’s why you can always find me with a camera.

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